The Well Armed Woman is a non-profit organization founded by Carrie Lightfoot that organizes women (18 years and older who can legally own a firearm in their state) across the country into local chapters that meet monthly to practice, learn and grow as shooters. Members run the spectrum from professional instructors to mothers seeking a means to protect themselves and their children. 

Membership is $50 a year (payable to TWAW HQ in Arizona). This membership grants each lady with access to monthly meetings (each usually 2-3 hours long), a 10% discount to the TWAW online store, a TWAW hat (purple of course!) and a DVD by Carrie that covers the fundamentals of shooting and carrying a firearm from the female perspective. 

Indiana is proud to be the home of a growing number of chapters. Many are located in the Indianapolis metro area but chapters are forming in other parts of the store. A chapter locator is available on the website (see below). 

For more information, check out the TWAW Shooting Chapters page ( ).

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